About Us

MAODI Technologies

We are a Technology services provider. we enable our clients to find the best and custom or suitable way of doing great work through enabling Information Technology Transformation in their business. Keeping up with the latest trending technology.


  • To exploit new technologies that address the unique and diverse requirements of our clients.
  • To be transparent and consistent to our customers
  • To intentionally leverage the capabilities of our services, creating new solutions only when necessary.
  • To enable IT transformation with global service excellence standards.

Our Values

  • We succeed through satisfied customers
  • We value and empower our customers and employees
  • We deliver quality and excellence in all we do
  • We behave responsibly as a corporate citizen

Our Target Client

Agricultural Sector

We create Custom Apps/Systems in the following Categories

  • Cropping
  • Farm Management
  • Farm Storage Inventory
  • Livestock
  • etc..

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Educational Sector

We can

  • Create Fun custom educational Apps
  • Design school blogs and host them
  • Design and Host School profile websites
  • etc..

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Business Sector

We develop solutions in the following Categories

  • Cloud Computing
  • ICT Management
  • ICT Training
  • Hosting
  • Team Management Systems
  • HR Management Systems/Apps

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Health Sector

We can design custom apps that can allow

  • Patients/clients to make their own appointments from within the app;
  • Send push messages if there are changes on e.g appointments cancelled
  • Extended patient information with photos and videos
  • Route descriptions and opening hours

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Meet The Team





Mr FG Fulumame


Mr V Ndzala

IT Manager



Miss E Mukwevho

About Us

Maodi Technologies is a Global Information Technology Services provider to enterprises, government, institutions, consumers & technology companies.


Maodi Technologies (PTY) Ltd..
217 Pretorious, Office 135 Van Erkom Building
Pretoria 0002
T : (012) 325-0565 F : 086 552 7311